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When looking to upgrade, update or optimize their home system to achieve an optimal sound picture, music lovers worldwide ask themselves the important and complex question of what is more important, a receiver or speakers. The complexity of this question is that it is impossible to give an unambiguous answer because everything depends on the specific situation and the personal user. Both components are essential for sound, but budget constraints and system requirements may influence your choice. So in this article, I will describe my thoughts and give some advice based on personal experience.

Deciding between speaker and receiver upgrades: making the right choice

deciding between speaker and receiver upgrades: making the right choice

So, to make it easier for you to decide whether to choose receiver or speakers update first, let’s break this section down into sub-points, each of which I will comment on based on my personal experience and preferences.

Speaker upgrade

If you have a limited budget, priority should be given to the speakers (left, right, front, and center) and subwoofer. This upgrade will result in improved reproduction of most audio content and will play a defining role in creating an immersive soundscape. An upgraded subwoofer can noticeably improve sound clarity, detail, and bass reproduction.
If you’re only partially upgrading your speakers, I’d lean in favor of an already-used brand of equipment. That way, you don’t have to think about matching power and impedance, i.e., compatibility. You can choose any subwoofer, but pay attention to the specs. Also, don’t go for big woofers if your main speakers are small, as this will drown out the soundscape with bass.

Assembling an audio system

If you are assembling an audio system and have a budget of, say, about $1500, I would suggest this balanced allocation scheme to ensure optimal performance:
$500 receiver: Look for a receiver with enough power and basic audio and video processing technology to support your desired speaker configuration.
$700 mains speakers: Investing in high-quality mains speakers is critical, as they are responsible for most of the sound reproduced.
$300 subwoofer: A good subwoofer improves bass reproduction, adding depth and impact to the sound.

Receiver upgrade

receiver upgrade

High-quality speakers and subwoofers can only reach their potential when combined with a high-end receiver with sufficient power and sophisticated sound processing capabilities. More accurate room calibration, support for immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and improved connectivity for seamless integration with other audio and video devices are also important here.


As it has hopefully become clear from this article, the choice is yours alone. However, I expect that in the end, you will be able to make the right decision for yourself because even though you may not agree with something, you are at the same time leaning towards the opposite and therefore making the best individual choice. I would generalize that upgrading the speakers and subwoofer will greatly improve any existing system while upgrading the receiver won’t make a difference with a low-quality speaker system.

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