theTechHolics Household Can Robot Vacuums go From Hardwood to Carpet?

It’s determined by the type of robot vacuum cleaner you have. Some can do it easily but some can have a problem due to the brushes being made of different materials.

Which types of floor a robot vacuum can clean

A robot vacuum may be used on a variety of flooring materials:

  • Hardwood
  • Carpet
  • Tile
  • Stone
  • Laminates

The use of these machines depends on the model. Some models work well with carpet and others do not due to the brushes being made of different materials.

It cleans any surface, but it may require some assistance on carpets or rugs. There are also brushes available that can be attached to the bottom of the unit which makes cleaning carpets much easier.

Hardwood, tiles, rugs and carpet all need different suction power though which might make some people think that robot vacuum cannot clean different floors.

Polaris Vacuum Robot

Are robot vacuums good for homes with both types of floors

Robots can go from hardwood floors to carpet with no problem, but not all robots have the same abilities.

Some only do one or the other, and some have brushless motors that eliminate the need for any brushes while cleaning carpets. But before you buy a robot vacuum cleaner, be sure that you know what kind of flooring you’ll be using it on most often, since some models will work better for certain surfaces than others. If you want a robot vacuum that can work on hardwood and carpeted floors then you just need a model that has a brushless motor.

These basically have no bristles or brushes, so they work well on all types of floors and usually have great suction.

Vacuum Robot on WoodWhat to do if your house has several types of flooring

If your house has several types of flooring, look for vacuums with height adjustable cleaning heads or automatic suction power adjustment. This will make your vacuum work well on all surfaces. You do not need to help it.

Different flooring materials can be difficult for robots devices, which can do wet cleaning. They can leave wet marks on carpets. It is recommended to vacuum and mop separately, so that the robots do not get stuck on carpets or leave wet marks on them.

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